We Want Your Two Cents

You have likely heard this phrase before, "Give me your 2 cents" referring to giving one's opinion.  

This summer I want YOUR 2 cents. Let's hear from you on various topics, which may then be our future Fusion Theme of the Week, and potentially enlighten others. Reply to this email or send to us at info@fusionyogawellness.com with "2 Cents" in the subject. When and if your idea/opinion is selected to be used in our weekly blog, you will earn $25 for your Fusion account. A great return on your 2 cent investment and there is no limit to how many topics you can share! Let’s start with this week. Your thoughts for the Summer Solstice? 

More Potential topics for opinions:

  • Yoga's impact on you
  • Tips to stay inspired to practice yoga or meditate
  • Favorite enlightening reading/ book
  • Nature's impact for wellness
  • How you found yoga, or did it find you?
  • Favorite ah-ha moment or discovery
  • Fusion funny or inspiring experience(s)
  • Favorite yoga pose
  • Overcoming fear with courage

 Suggested format:

  • An opening statement to introduce your topic
  • Reason you chose your topic
  • Briefly describe 
  • Personal closing statement in your own "voice" and style

When you share, you "pay" it forward as you inspire others through a ripple effect. Many people who view our blogs tell us they look forward to them. Your interest and feedback keep me inspired, thank you. Our Fusion community is strong and appreciated.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

p.s. Fusion Fun Fact... the United States minted a 2 cent coin from 1864 to1873! I also found this interesting article to discover the intention and history of each symbol on our coins. Linked here.

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