Sitali, Cooling with Pranayama

In the summer season we feel warmer, and in SW Florida, more humid and heavy. It is crucial that we find ways to stay balanced with our body temperature, hydration, activities, and mindfulness. Just because it is hot, doesn't mean we should be dormant or always hibernate indoors!

Pranayama, or breath control practice benefits our body and mind by moving vital Prana through our energy pathways. More gentle and slower Asana movements facilitate the body to stay flexible, strong and balanced in the heat. Drinking pure cool (not iced) water will hydrate and cool without telling our gut to warm us back up. 

Practice Sitali (sheet-a-lee).  It means cooling. Sitali hydrates, and calms both mind and body.

  • Sit comfortably with the head, neck, and hips aligned
  • Close your eyes, take equal belly breaths a few rounds
  • Open your mouth and form the lips with an shape
  • Curl the tongue lengthwise and project it outward 
  • Inhale deeply through the mouth across the tongue.
  • Focus your attention on the cooling sensation 
  • Withdraw your tongue, close your mouth gently
  • Exhale completely through your nose
  • Keep your eyes closed, equal length breaths and notice.

Stay cool, stay grounded, stay active, drink water.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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