"Reiki healings are a passion for me. As an R.N., Yoga Teacher, and a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, I am always driven and inspired to help others heal through a mind, body, spirit connection....I discovered 'energy work' years ago when seeking holistic and proven ways to simply feel better. After years of research, studies and practice, Reiki (Japanese technique of energy work) has become a regular part of my life, personally and professionally...Our bodies are always working to keep us alive and healthy. Sometimes we need to cooperate and aid the body in its mission...I have witnessed and experienced many emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual improvements in clients. At a minimum, our clients feel calm, peaceful and find more clarity after a session. We have heard amazing testimonials and seen beautiful transformations! All that’s required is an open mind and trust that there is something greater that’s always conspiring for our highest good."    

- Gina Goodrich 




"I discovered Reiki when I received a personal session and felt the powerful and positive healing energy. I later became a Certified Level I & II Reiki Practitioner and then a Reiki Master through the Fusion Yoga & Wellness' training and attunement courses. This was one of the best things that has happened to me! I truly enjoy practicing with this wonderful energy every day, reading and learning all the different benefits Reiki can bring to us. I've learned how to empower others and I love to help guide Reiki recipients back to their innate healing abilities. Every session is unique to the individual's needs and I enjoy the personal connection with each and every person I work with." 

- Milena Seni


Reiki Master

Licensed Massage Therapist

Johnny is a Florida native and has lived in Southwest Florida for 40 years. He brings a wealth of wellness knowledge and experience to the Fusion team. Johnny has been studying and practicing yoga and massage for over 13 years. Health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit are the motivating factors for his own practice and this inspires his offerings to the community. Johnny’s own personal experience of healing himself is where the passion comes from, to assist and guide others on the healing path within.  In addition to being a massage therapist, Johnny is a Reiki Master level practitioner and he has completed an in depth training on the Soul Lightening Acupressure technique. He offers Acupressure sessions, as well as custom intuitive massage therapy and massage with Reiki Energy Healing at Fusion. Johnny's core belief is that we all have healing power within us!


Reiki Master

              RYT 500

"I first learned about Reiki during my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.  I was so fascinated and intrigued by it that I went on to get my Reiki I and II certification.  I initially only used it for myself and my family.  It helped me to find peace, calm my monkey mind, and furthered my transformational life journey.  As I continued on I kept being called back to energy healing, and being told by several that I had ‘healing hands’.  I had found it to be so powerful in my own healing journey that I knew I needed to share it with others.  I decided to take a deeper dive and did a 1:1 mentorship program that took me more in-depth with the background and tools that Reiki offers, and I ended up getting my Reiki Master Certification.  I am always amazed after Reiki sessions to hear from clients and to share in their Reiki experience with them.  Every session is special and unique to each person, and that is one of the many things I love about working with Reiki, it knows what we need, I’m just here to provide guidance and support along the way."  - Kristen