You deserve the the Fusion Experience. Simply step into one of our beautiful healing rooms and you will feel the calm, relaxing energy of the space. Our practitioners are committed to providing a personal, healing experience. No matter what type of service you choose, we promise you will leave our space feeling so much better!


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with a Fusion Reiki Master Practitioner

Experience this gentle, Japanese healing art for stress reduction and relaxation, which promotes deep physical, mental and emotional healing.  Your Fusion Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for the transfer of Reiki or “universal life force energy" to the receiver’s energy pathways, meridians and chakras, releasing emotional blockages and raising vibrational energy to promote healing at all levels. 

60 Minutes - $88

60 Minutes with Intuitive Reading - $98  (Available in sessions with Gina)

What is Reiki?   "Rei" = Universal   "Ki" = Life Force Energy (also known as Prana, Chi, or Qi)

Pronounced ray-kee, Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation. Reiki supports energy flow within the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a positive energy force that always works for the highest good of every living thing.

Fusion offers both Reiki Energy Healing Sessions and Reiki Training & Certification to share the benefits of the practice with as many people as possible. Whether you’re looking to help others or seeking personal healing, Reiki is a modality accessible to everyone. Experience the power of this practice by booking a private session today or checking our Events page to find more information on when our next training will take place.

What will the session be like? At a minimum, our clients report feeling more peace, calm and clarity after a session. Some also share improvements of physical ailments which is sometimes a direct result of de-stressing although redirecting or restoring energy in the body can have miraculous results. It's not unusual also for clients to tell us about special divine messages they've received while in the session. 

Your session begins after a short introduction with your practitioner.  Feel free to ask any questions! We ask that you wear something comfortable as you will be fully dressed with exception of your feet. You will lie face up, eyes gently closed and made comfortable on our table. Soft music and optional essential oils are a nice complement to the session.  Your practitioner will explain the purpose of Reiki energy and let you know anything unique about their personal process, intentions or healing instruments, and may invite you to set an intention as well.  At the end of the session you and your practitioner will discuss your experience and also the observations and recommendations from the practitioner.  We recommend staying in a calm and relaxed state if possible after your session to allow for the best results.

What are the benefits? Reiki allows for deep relaxation and tension release.  It raises the vibrational frequency of energy within the body, supports stress reduction which can help the body’s immune system and the body's own healing abilities.  Reiki has been known to decrease or relieve pain, reduce the side effects of medications and chemotherapy, provide support during times of transition, and aid individuals in breaking addictions.  Reiki is for everyone: adults, children, and pets. Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and can help you enhance every aspect of your life.

ImportantReiki results are not guaranteed and all experiences are unique to the individual.  Reiki is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care.  If you are not satisfied at the conclusion of your session, let us know so we may discuss further.





"Reiki healings are a passion for me. As an R.N., Yoga Teacher, and a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, I am always driven and inspired to help others heal through a mind, body, spirit connection....I discovered 'energy work' years ago when seeking holistic and proven ways to simply feel better. After years of research, studies and practice, Reiki (Japanese technique of energy work) has become a regular part of my life, personally and professionally...Our bodies are always working to keep us alive and healthy. Sometimes we need to cooperate and aid the body in its mission...I have witnessed and experienced many emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual improvements in clients. At a minimum, our clients feel calm, peaceful and find more clarity after a session. We have heard amazing testimonials and seen beautiful transformations! All that’s required is an open mind and trust that there is something greater that’s always conspiring for our highest good."    

- Gina Goodrich 




"I discovered Reiki when I received a personal session and felt the powerful and positive healing energy. I later became a Certified Level I & II Reiki Practitioner and then a Reiki Master through the Fusion Yoga & Wellness' training and attunement courses. This was one of the best things that has happened to me! I truly enjoy practicing with this wonderful energy every day, reading and learning all the different benefits Reiki can bring to us. I've learned how to empower others and I love to help guide Reiki recipients back to their innate healing abilities. Every session is unique to the individual's needs and I enjoy the personal connection with each and every person I work with."  - Milena Seni




Lizz believes we all have the ability to transform our lives into a happier, balanced, aligned way of being through the support of one another, Reiki, yoga and other healing practices that resonate within us.  Lizz has been a Reiki Master practitioner for over 5 years. Her focus during a one-on-one Reiki session is supporting the client to move and rebalance their energy to align with more peace and happiness in life. In a session, she channels Reiki energy and integrates whatever the recipient needs, including crystal grids, essential oils, playing sound healing instruments and oracle cards.  As a long-time practitioner of these modalities, she believes in the transformative power of doing daily healing practices to cultivate balance in our lives.




Classically trained as a doctor of clinical psychology, I continually found talk therapy alone was not fulfilling my passion for healing the root of the problem for myself or my clients. I began my own healing journey by receiving my yoga teacher training, Reiki Master Teacher training, and also became a Japanese tea ceremonialist. I found the immense benefit of these spiritual practices on my overall wellbeing and I began weaving them into my client sessions, calling it psycho-spiritual mentorship. This unique mentorship is the integration of psychology processing tools with spiritual energetic healing principles to create a wholistic approach to healing. As a psycho-spiritual mentor, I view wellness from a whole person lens, where I tailor healing to fit all aspects of your being. I believe in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit as being the foundation to overall wellness. Healing is a holistic and collaborative journey, in which all humans have the ability to be the highest versions of themselves. As your guide, I believe that you have all the answers within you and I find it an honor to have the opportunity to walk with you on your journey towards deeper growth and healing. It is my goal then, to empower you to find wholeness and healing within yourself.  - Dr. Kim