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Reiki Energy Healing & Certification

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation…

A support to energy flow within the body, mind and spirit..

A positive energy that always works for the highest good of any living thing.

Fusion offers both Reiki Healing Sessions and Reiki Training and Certification to spread the benefits of the practice to as many people as possible. Whether you’re looking to help others or seeking personal healing, Reiki is a modality accessible to everyone. Experience the power of this practice by booking a private session today or checking our events page to find more information on when our next training will take place.

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Potential Benefits of Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki allows for deep relaxation and tension release.  It raises the vibrational frequency of energy within the body, supports the body’s immune system and healing abilities. Reiki has been known to decrease or relieve pain, reduce the side effects of medications and chemotherapy, provide support during times of transition, and aid individuals in breaking addictions.  Reiki is for everyone: adults, children, and pets. Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and can help you enhance every aspect of your life.


Gina Goodrich –  Reiki Master, RYT


Drew Larman – Reiki Practitioner, RYT

Kimberly Baker – Reiki Practitioner

Milena Seni – Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Duo for enhanced and powerful healing energies Reiki Sessions-  Dual Healing with Two Practitioners

30 Minutes –  $55

60 Minutes – $98


Reiki Session Rates

30 minutes – $40

60 minutes – $75

90 minutes – $105

3 Sessions (60 minutes) – $200

5 Sessions (60 minutes) – $315

Reiki Training & Certification

Fusion's 1st EVER Reiki I & II Certification & Training Course

Gina Goodrich, Reiki Master, with Fusion’s 1st EVER Reiki I & II Certified Practitioners at the completion of their training and attunements.

August 2016: Fusion’s second group of Reiki graduates, including two Yoga teachers!

Our third class of certified Reiki practitioners, ready to heal themselves and others!

Our third class of Reiki practitioners certified in October 2016, ready to heal themselves and others!

February 2017: Three new Reiki practitioners, and a Reiki I practitioner deepening her knowledge of the practice by receiving her Reiki II attunement with the newest group of healers.

March 2017: An amazing group of 5 women took the next step in their journey with energy and spiritual healing by obtaining their Reiki I & II certifications.


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Ste 102-B
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