Victory in the Stars

Freedom is a right, and a gift. Use it wisely, kindly and with purpose to live the best and most peaceful life. Let your visions lead you to Victory in the Stars.

Yoga guides us to find perspective on how to live a more mindful and calm life. To be brave and courageous to be the best version of ourselves, or at least better than the day before, one day at a time. We have the freedom to choose whether to take things down a notch to find more ease or challenge ourselves to go deeper.

We observe and celebrate freedom and victory yoga practices, our Victory in the Stars.

Victory Breath - a pranayama, breath practice known as Ujjayi in Sanskrit, or Ocean Breath. I've even heard it called Darth Vader Breathe, if you've ever seen Star Wars. It's effects are calming, warming, helps us stay focused, and improves circulation. 

  • As though you were steaming sunglasses or fogging a mirror, seal off the back of your throat, the glottis, that vibrates with sound as air passes through it with lips sealed. Done on both the inhale and exhale. 

Star Pose or 5-Pointed Star and Victory Pose

  • Standing and grounded with wide stance, crown extending upward, arms and fingers reaching out to the sides like a 5-Pointed Star.
  • Same as above but arms reach up and outward, Victory in the Stars.

Breathe with Victory and in your favorite Star Pose with gratitude and intention for freedom for all.

Wishes for a Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Independence Day!


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

 P.S. Summer Solstice, longest day of the year is Thursday, then Friday is a full moon and International Yoga Day. A great balance of energies.


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