Delve Into YOUR Past

Over 25 years ago, I drove 90 minutes to the hills of Virginia to receive a Past Life Regression session after searching the classified ads. I had read the true story, Many Lives, Many Masters by highly respected psychiatrist, Brian Weiss and was fascinated! He tells the story of his patient with many debilitating life issues that were healed through hypnosis after delving deep into her past. Without either of them immediately understanding, she shared during hypnosis several lives filled with turmoil before the present lifetime. At first a skeptic but when she recalled verifiable ancient facts in history, his strong belief in past lives grew. The sessions became profound therapy as she healed wounds of the past to better deal with relationships, events and her fears in this lifetime. 

So, I drove with much excitement to see what I would discover, although I was also a skeptic that anyone could lead me to hypnosis. To my surprise, it worked. In light hypnosis I was able to understand my behaviors and reactions in my relationship with my husband at that time. I wish I would have shared it with him, but it was so profound, and I mistakenly kept it private as I continued to process the information and research more. He passed unexpectantly 10 months later which explained much about what I was able to understand during Past Life Regression and prepare me on a higher level to cope. I apparently did it before as I had viewed a similar experience in ancient times when his early passing left me a young widow with children. There is more to the experience, but I'll stop here as it is a bit private. 

About 8 years ago I attended a seminar and workshop with Dr. Weiss and was able to practice giving and receiving guided Past Life Regressions. Not only is this method interesting but also very healing. I read many of his books as you will see in the image, and also others on the topic. A copy of the first of his series is available at Fusion. I am happy Fusion is again offering our quite popular Past Life Regression group event with Doreen next Saturday (see below). I also offer private sessions infused with Reiki by appointment. Maybe you're an inquiring mind like me to know more. As you Delve into YOUR Past you gain understanding and help set you free from fears and attachments in the present and future.

Seeker of Healing Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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