Japanese Legend

Legend tells and told in many versions that Mikao Usui lived in Japan from 1868 to 1926 and was extremely instrumental in introducing the concept of Rei-Ki. He studied medicine, psychology and religion as he traveled to Europe and China, and possibly the US.

 Usui experienced the ability to use our hands and intention as powerful healing tools after long and deep meditations. He experienced forms of divine guidance to facilitate improvement of energy imbalances and depletion within the body. And to use our potential sensitivities through our hands to clear, restore and rebalance energy flow within the body, known as Ki in Japanese. In 1922 he moved to Tokyo to create his healing society and clinic in Tokyo, eventually teaching others. After the Great Kanto earthquake and tsunami when many died and over a million were injured, he ramped things up as needed and developed advanced techniques. The original system which we still practice much of today is Usui Reiki. My education and certifications follow his lineage of credible and experienced Reiki Master Teachers. Some of whom advanced the methods further. 

Rei means Higher Intelligence from our source, the Universe. Ki is the Vital Life Force Energy.

Everything is made of energy, including all life forms. It never dies, only transforms, per the Law of Conservation. Obstacles hinder energy flow, like a river effected by a dam. When a source of energy gets depleted like a candle flame losing its oxygen source, it can't survive. Energy imbalances are felt easily like when we put more energy out and not enough coming in whether it be lack or too much food and too little or too much activity. So, we clear obstacles, restore depletions and rebalance for harmony.

I am glad Usui and others shared Reiki knowledge and that this great knowledge finally made it to the West. I have been honored to teach and guide Fusion Reiki Practitioners in an Advanced Reiki Training (ART), also known as Reiki Master Training in the past and again this magical weekend in our Reiki Immersion & Training. To help explain more for those seeking, I created a short video to simply explain this divine energy and practice. See our website under "Reiki" tab. Or feel free to ask me anytime in person or schedule a session to experience the calming effects and potential healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as needed.

Forever student and teaching guide,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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