Honor the Masculine Yang Energy Forces

In May we honor our maternal mentors and caregivers with Mother's Day. In June we recognize the positive, masculine influences in our lives. The necessary Yang Energy Forces to balance our more feminine Yin. 

Father's Day began in Washington state in 1910 when a young woman wanted to honor her veteran father, a single parent of 6 children. In 1972 it become a nationwide holiday, 58 years after Mother's Day was established in 1914. Seems men didn't express desire or need to be recognized for their paternal actions and responsibilities. I am glad we do as we create balance for those who somehow serve others.

Yoga is a non-discriminatory practice. Unfortunately, yoga in the west has less participation with males, although yoga's roots show us it was predominantly influenced and practiced by men. What keeps many men from yoga's benefits? They often tell me, "I can't do yoga, not flexible". Well, that's why we do it! Male bodies comprise more muscle mass and are designed differently than females. They require focused stretching for flexibility, balance and mobility.

Yoga is proven beneficial for people of all ages, sizes, genders and cultures. I believe it's just a lack of experience with even one class and honestly, often ego. I miss my dad and my son's father and wish they had a chance to see what we created at Fusion and participated. I think these tough guys would have said, "heck, let's give it a shot", then chuckled while talking about what they should wear.

Every week I look forward to my Men's Yoga class. This inspiring small group approached me last year to try yoga to improve their athletic performance and counteract the body's effects from sports. No ego, just pure exploration. One class and they noticed how good they felt after. Their dedication and determination makes me smile big when I see so much progress each week.  Strength training is also a big part of our physical practice. Join us Wednesdays at 11AM, or let me know if you want to put another one on our schedule.

For the remainder of June, Fusion invites any paternal influences you may know to meet the challenge of exploring the undiscovered. Bring them with you or send them our way for a complimentary class on Fusion, mat rental and props included. Should they choose a class plan going forward, an incentive awaits them. I am offering 10% off a 5 or 10 class package, or a 1 month plan if purchased by the end of June (new student's only). This makes a great Father's Day gift too! Call or email for details.

Honoring our Yang Energy Forces,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

P.S. Summer Solstice, longest day of the year is Thursday, then Friday is a full moon and International Yoga Day. A great balance of energies.

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