Your Yoga Formula

Breathe. Move. Connect., your most effective yoga practice sequence formula, whether self-practice or guided. I created this motto, our mantra before we opened with intention on a solid Fusion foundation for positive effects from our services. 

For over 11 years I have been teaching a Fundamentals, like a Basics 101 yoga class. Not a gentle or power class, more a mix of all levels and many traditions for a solid yoga class. They include what we yogis call a "sequence"


Center in with intention, stillness, and breath connection.  Minimize distractions then initiate breath control practices, pranayama to begin to purify and feed your energy body, calm your mind. Breath control continues as we breathe in and out mindfully to complement movements.


Gently warm up to move air, fluids, tissues, enhancing organ performance and agility. A thorough yoga practice includes 6 Spinal Movements - lengthening, side stretches, flexing forward, safe backbends, twists, and circular movements with our lower spine. We add on a balance pose and inversion when our head gets below our heart when appropriate. Sequences include both sides. Take it up a notch to build more heat, more strength and circulation of energy. Finalize with a cool down, returning to gentler movements.


Throughout your entire practice, not just the end. Notice how you feel before, during and after, physically and mentally. It takes purpose, determination, courage, surrender and effort. The reward, when we return to stillness, minimize distractions, and basically tune out to tune in deeper as we quiet down again. Notice the shift and the calmness in your body and mind.  

Yoga means union, connecting physically and mentally to calm the fluctuations of the mind to find more peace. Use this easy, not secret formula to accomplish effective yoga in-studio, and out. 

 Breathe. Move. Connect.,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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