Change Chaos into Calm

No one in the world has been unscathed by the past few years and more recent events near and afar. From dis-ease, natural disasters, family and financial matters, global conflicts, and more. Yogis and Lightworkers know that we have protection and healing Energy Tool Kits for times in need. 

Daily self-care and routine rituals known as Dinacharya in Arurveda prevent and help heal chaos in the body and mind as we've learned over the past few weeks at Fusion workshops. Some times more intense measures are needed. Having Discipline and drive, Tapas in Sanskrit, gives us more control of the chaos.

I have learned to ask for help when I just can't get things under control, although it's quite hard for me to do so. Recently I dealt with a personal move filled with chaos. Nothing seemed to go right and letting go of my familiar comforts to manifest the future life I crave was not easy. Our student, Wrenda Goodwyn, local Interior Decorator advises shares, If you want to make a change, you have to make a change. Makes sense! I just need discipline and motivation. 

Change your Chaos to Calm, your unhealthy habits into positive ones, a tendency to worry instead of tackle what's before you, and then there's dial a friend. My soul sister and BFF Laura told me when I asked her why I can't just get myself straightened out energetically with all the skills in my Tool Kit, Gina, when the surgeon needs surgery, they call a surgeon! Ha, couldn't argue with that one. I felt calmer hearing these two friends state simple, yet direct words.

You have the power to control your reaction to the chaos and bring peace. Fusion is here 7 days a week to offer many paths to induce body-mind calmness. A yoga class, a space to meditate, an enlightening event, being part of a community, and body care like massage, acupressure, facials and Reiki are our specialties. Pick one, make it happen. invite a friend. Take a time out, go sit or walk in nature. The sun will always set as we let go, and the sun will always rise as we embrace a fresh start, so Breathe.

Namaste (We are One), and together as a community we can conquer crises and do amazing things.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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