The Power of Touch to Feel

The power of touch to feel with our fingertips, hands, feet or anywhere else enables us to protect, function best and experience various sensations. Our skin is our largest organ and each square inch contains about 1000 nerve endings. Imagine your whole body!

When we touch someone or something we may feel it as cool, warm, smooth, textured, soft, hard, dull, sharp, moving or still, for instance. Sometimes it’s pleasant and other times, not so much.

In a yoga practice, we feel our mat, the support and firmness of the earth beneath us. Our breath, our movements and maybe even vibrations are felt within and around us. This is known as being present and tuning in to feel, to experience. 

So, just like focusing on a Drishti, a focal point when trying a balance pose, focus on the sensation of touch. The air around you as you move in and out of stillness, each body part as you touch. Feel your heartbeat, body heat, your breath. Try returning to a more alert awareness at the end of Savasana by running your thumb over your fingertips, breathe a little more deeply, then gentle movements and feel the vibrations within your body.

Next time you hug someone or hold a hand, notice how it makes you feel. Ah, the power of human touch. 

Breathe. Move. Connect.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N

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