Spring Time for Bees!

Spring or Vernal Equinox is Wednesday as our sun passes over our earth's equator creating equal day and night. Sunrise is due east, sunset due west. Our daylight time becomes longer, our weather warms, our plants and flowers flourish and our bees thrive with the hive! 

Our pollinator bumblebee is necessary for plant life, therapeutic honey production. The vibration of their wings, up to 130 times per second, spreads the pollen from the flower and creates the buzz. Only the Queen Bee survives winter but creates new life when emerging in spring. So, plant some native flowers this week and give them something to buzz about. 

Our sweet Sally was in town from Guam so her Fusion tribe of friends, her Kula came together like a beehive to nourish one another with love, stories and a fun yoga practice with Jen. Interwoven with connectedness creating their own type of honey. In her Kula is Renee, our student and Fusion Yoga Teacher Training graduate who was a beekeeper, so cool!

They practiced Bhramari or Bumblebee Breath, one of my favorite sound-based Pranayama practices. Vibrations are deeply felt within and continue beyond the practice. Visualize the buzz or humming of the bumble bee as you recreate it. Eyes closed, ears gently sealed, take a deep inhale through the nose, soft long exhale with lips sealed humming like you want the world to hear you. Do a few rounds, keep your eyes closed, then notice the calming, clearing effects. 

Today we have a special guest event to honor the Spring Equinox with vibrational sounds, and next Saturday afternoon is Sun Salutations, 108! 

Sun Worshipper,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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