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Vintage throwback my first year at Fusion practicing each with 2 sister-students, Melissa and Sara 

What does being a Warrior mean to you? Fiercely Focused, Powerfully Peaceful, Passionate and Purposeful, Inspiringly Influential, Super Strong, Divinely Driven, Boldy Brave...pick your Warrior name you wish to create for the Warrior in you. I love them all! Reminds me of my inner drive, my tapas when I decided to open Fusion years ago. I'll share more of that next week on our 10 year anniversary!

The origin is of a mythical, spiritual warrior, Virabhadrasana, derived from vira as in herobhadra as in friend, and you know the asana. The legend is based on a family conflict eventually resolving through reflection after regretted, irreparable actions. So Virabhadrasana may be considered the one whose actions faced negative forces to find an ally for goodness. Allow these three poses to resonate as you may seek the Warrior, the hero and friend within you as you seek your highest powers only for good.

The basic differences in these Warrior asanas (poses),

Virabhadrasana I, II & III are fundamental in yoga.

Warrior I/Virabhadrasana I to Warrior III/Virabhadrasana III - Both feet, hips, torso, shoulders, head, face and gaze forward is key difference from Warrior II.

 Warrior II/Virabhadrasana II - only the front foot, knee, head and gaze face forward, the back foot, knee, both hips, torso and shoulders face sideways.

 Now you know why there's so many yoga teacher directions! I will breakdown the alignments for each pose and their many take-off variations over the next few weeks. Get inspired with intention to go deeper in your yoga practice making the connection stronger mentally, emotionally and physically!

Peaceful, Powerful, Passionate and Purposeful Warrior,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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