Donna’s 2 Cents & Injury Recovery

Donna is one of our very loved Fusion Certified Yoga Teachers. She teaches Tuesday morning and evening and Friday morning. I remember when she had this traumatic injury and she was stoic and positive about her recovery process. Now she shares it with you.

Here’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth! I do not know why more people aren’t engaged in a regular yoga practice. They wait until they reach a point where it is forced upon them and re-named “physical therapy”. I know many people who have one excuse after another. The top excuses, “I can’t do yoga” and “I’m not flexible”. Well, that’s the point!

 After an injury or a joint replacement, off they go to physical therapy and are given a list of exercises to gain back their mobility and strength. Lo and behold, nine times out of ten when I ask about the recommended exercises , they are all yoga moves or poses , they just refer to it as a different name. 

 I’ve been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for 4 and it always amazes me why the name “yoga” intimidates.

18 months ago, I got hit with a golf cart from behind and broke my tibia and had 3 screws put in my knee. My recovery period was cut way down because of my ongoing Yoga practice. I did not do, nor pay for physical therapy. I continued my Yoga practice until once again my hips hit my heels in Child’s pose, I could straighten the injured leg as well as the other, and I could squat down and read a putt and get back up just as easily. My surgeon said I “didn’t need PT just keep doing your yoga and you’ll be back to yourself in no time”.

So that’s my 2 cents and my intention is to communicate to everyone who will listen to how necessary, beneficial and rewarding a yoga practice can be on and off the mat. If you are a practicing Yogi, kudos to you! If you know someone who would benefit which is pretty much anyone and everyone, and if you agree, give them my 2 cents and throw in your 2 cents.  

 See you on the mat! 

Namaste, Donna Miller

Thanks Donna for sharing your thoughts on the importance of a regular yoga practice to stay strong and recover when needed. You are a great role model!



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N

 P.S. This is not a statement from Fusion Yoga & Wellness or its affiliates that yoga is a substitute for a prescribed Physical Therapy or treatment by your physician.


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