Sally Starr’s 2 Cents Journey!

Be open to possibilities and the subtle nuances people may give us that lead us to amazing paths to be discovered. Sally's 2 Cents below is a reminder to potential callings.

I met Gina when I was selling a rug! The very rug in the boutique was new but not being used. I was not open to trying yoga at the time, although she for sure stayed in the back of my mind with her friendly invite to try yoga at Fusion. There was a special connection that day and I decided to give yoga and Fusion a chance a few weeks later. 

From the first step in I knew it was where I was supposed to be. The energy of the studio and every person I met confirmed this. I took 2 classes then jumped right into Reiki training. I just felt the pull; I was not even sure what Reiki was - all I knew was that I wanted to be near Fusion and absorb the positive vibes! Reiki training was, and is life changing for me! Yoga teacher training was available and I signed up to better my brand new practice. I did not even know the difference between any of the Warrior poses! Haha. 

From the very beginning Gina and Natalie supported me and gave me the confidence that I would be a great yoga teacher even though it was not my intention. They both have this amazing way of making you feel like family and building you up to be able to do anything! Yoga training was just as powerful as Reiki in my personal healing physically and mentally. Both Reiki and yoga have helped put my autoimmune disease in remission and have calmed the anxiety I struggled with for years. It was meant to be and a blessing for sure. Shortly after graduation as a new yoga teacher at Fusion I suffered a stroke (due to the autoimmune disease.) I had a lot of residual pain and weakness in my left side. I continued to practice, even with my lopsided Downward Dog, and physically regained my strength to almost 100% in less than a year! This has amazed my neurologist and other doctors, I continued to treat myself with Reiki and energy healing practices and the pain and numbness slowly went away. I thank Fusion and all the energy and Ayurvedic Medicine I have learned there for my recovery. I have never been so grateful to sell a rug! 

I am unexpectedly transferring back to Guam but I leave that rug there as a reminder for all going through hardships to keep practicing and lean on Fusion Yoga & Wellness because you truly can heal yourself in the right community environment, and with the right mindset. 

My forever yoga home! 

"Sally Starr" Walker

And Sally, I am so glad I just had to have your turquoise rug for our boutique and we connected! You have offered so much to Fusion, and my life too. You will be missed greatly, but we WILL meet again. For those that don't know, I coined her Sally Starr after my favorite character of a children's show in Philadelphia, as her kind eyes and smiled sparkled and lit up my mornings.  

We only have a few weeks left so send us your special 2 Cents and just go for it!



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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