"Whatever your yoga needs are, Fusion will accommodate. They offer a range of classes from fusion flow (vinyasa), to fundamentals (hatha) and beginners (gentle), to relaxing (restorative, yoga nidra) to workshops allowing you to explore more deeply some methods of healing (reiki, ayurveda, crystal bowl sound healing, psoas release and more)! They offer a wide range of spa services also: from massage and facial, to reiki and energy healing. I've been lucky to participate in most of these events and all are 5-star. no matter what you choose or need at this time, you will walk out of Fusion Yoga & Wellness feeling better than when you walked in!" - Jen L., Tripadvisor

"Fusion Yoga refreshes your body and mind. A special space to practice Yoga. The instructors are outstanding. They are experienced, knowledgeable and very personable. There are a variety of classes offered for every level. They will address your specific needs. I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed." - Rit, Tripadvisor

"Maily is a gifted massage therapist and healer! I have brought friends and relatives to her for massage and everyone is extremely pleased with her healing touch, one exclaimed it was the best massage of her life! Thank you and I will be back in the fall!" - Diane W., Google

"I had three wonderful yoga classes here while in town. The yoga room is spacious. The teachers were great! Highly recommend :)" - Brandi T., Tripadvisor

"Wonderful Reiki Experience. Gina was amazing. I left my Reiki session with Gina rejuvenated. I was initially skeptical about Reiki, but I am now a believer in this healing practice." 
- Kathie M., Tripadvisor

"Best yoga studio in the area. Highly trained instructors that offer lots of modifications to enhance an asana. The studio is very clean and has lots of parking. Mats and props available. Reasonable pricing options from drop-in class to multi-day passes. As a 200 hour certificated yoga instructor, this is my favorite studio!"

- Janelle L., Tripadvisor

"Wonderful and welcoming yoga and wellness studio!! They offer a variety of classes for all levels as well as many other specialties--massage, facials, Reiki! Feels like home when you walk in the door! LOVE!" - Donna B., Tripadvisor

"My Happy Space I have been coming since 2018 and when I arrive I feel “Ahhhh”... the staff, the space and the anticipation that I’ll receive everything I came for. And when I leave I feel “ Ahhhh with a pep in my step. I highly recommend this yoga studio.... OUTSTANDING : clean, friendly, excellent instructors and class variety, events, massage, Reiki healing,.... SO MUCH. Check out their user friendly website for more details. I can’t say enough ☮️ ❤️ 🧘‍♀️" - Patti W., Tripadvisor

"I love everything about this studio: from the kind, knowledgable teachers to the calm space to the cute boutique items. Now I can add massage to the list, because today I experienced the most incredible LuminEssence facial and massage from Maily. I was so relaxed that I may have dozed off for a moment, and my face looked incredible afterwards! Loved it so much that I booked another one for July. Look no further for yoga, workshops, massages and facials." - Katy D., Yelp

"My new neighbor Sally introduced me to this studio and I absolutely love it! So far I’ve taken both her and Gina’s classes. I can’t wait to become a more regular member!" - Sarah G., Google

"The best reiki session ever. I didn't even realize i was pain free until the next day Gina is amazing and the entire staff is fabulous. I love all the yoga classes and what is available throughout month for classes. I always feel rejuvenated when I spend time here." - Claire Borcina, Tripadvisor

"Wonderful Yoga Studio- the setting, the teachers, cute shop. Gina and friends are so welcoming. Can’t wait to return there!" - Traveler87430, Tripadvisor

"The entire studio is amazing. Gina is such a kind soul and leads an incredible establishment. The patrons have one thing in common from my experience; they have no flashy agendas, just personal growth. I’ve been to many yoga studios and what sets this one apart is how real it is; no showy outfits and agendas. It’s all about the time on your mat...You should feel confident trying a new class here...The people, atmosphere and classes are wonderful."- Val, Tripadvisor

"Yesterday, I experienced the LuminEssence face lifting massage with Maily at Fusion Yoga and Wellness studio. It was amazing!!!! I was greeted by Gina, the owner, who explained the service fully, and told me to let her know if I had any concerns or suggestions after my massage. Gina called me later that day to follow up with me. I told her it was amazing! Thank you Maily and Gina." - Jackie S., Google

"Magical healers with a special gift! I was not sure what this treatment was when it was booked, but Jennifer was a true professional and explained the connection between the essential oils while massaging and aligning my spine. The experience, the music, and the scent of the oils put me into a meditative state that released all tensions that I didn’t even know I had when I came in. What a truly peaceful and spiritual place Fusion Yoga is!" - Laura M., Tripadvisor

"I had a Reflexology Massage today with Maily at Fusion Yoga today... utterly fabulous! I now am booked for every 3 weeks...Fusion Yoga offers the BEST Yoga classes and now has my FAVORITE Massage Therapist = Win win💞💞" - Kim K, Tripadvisor

"Wonderful experience today, so I have to brag! Fusion my go to yoga place added a Licensed Esthetician to their team, Kate Hampton. Facials are my #1 treat to myself. I scheduled a "60 minute AYURVEDIC MARMA POINT FACIAL" with Kate today. (I had no idea what that was but I wanted to try it) I was told the Ayurvedic Marma Point Facial included the Fusion Facial just with an added twist! A Marma point facial massage. Marma is a traditional Ayurvedic technique that is believed to help stimulate and sustain the flow of energy. Stimulation of the specific points is said to affect the health of your organs, open sinuses, "reduce signs of aging" and alleviate mental stress. Well all I can say was when I was done my skin felt marvelous! I felt calm and relaxed. Kate told me she does 60 and 90 minute facials. Next month I'm doing 90 minutes!  Call, schedule and pamper yourself with this unique and very beneficial facial!"- Tammy B., Yelp

My son gave me a gift certificate to Fusion Yoga and Wellness and I am so glad that he did! From the moment you walk into the building until the moment you leave you are surrounded with kindness, enlightenment, and a sense of well being. All the instructors are highly trained and each bring a unique perspective to their teaching and to the practice. I highly recommend Fusion Yoga and Wellness! - Nancy R., Google

"I finally made time for yoga while visiting my Mom in Ft Myers and happened upon the Fusion Yoga and Wellness Studio. Easy to book a class online and well worth it! Space is created for everyone and in every way, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I made it to 2 classes in 2 days and was both challenged and refreshed in each one. Can't wait for my next trip!"- Sandy R., Yelp

"I joined Fusion Yoga & Wellness in November 2021.  Its a wonderful place.  I have  had classes with several different yoga instructors and every one of them has been great.  I was fairly new to yoga when I started and began with the foundation classes.  They concentrate on proper position, breathing,  deliberate movement, and help you get the most out of every pose. They challenge you, but also caution you to stay within your ability.  I am a healthy senior and have seen an improvement in balance, flexibility, strength, and disposition.  I attribute most of that to yoga and Fusion.  But don't get me wrong, there's people of all ages and abilities in the classes. I highly recommend them." - Denise H., Yelp