Laurie’s 2 Cents & Private Yoga Journey

Laurie has been consistently attending private yoga sessions with me. I have personally been rewarded as I witnessed the growth in her physical abilities and her discovery of yoga practices. Enjoy her 2 Cents...

My experience with Fusion Yoga & Wellness has been life-changing. When I first met Gina over five years ago, I was an anxious, un-exercised couch potato. When I decided that it was time to make a change in my life, I asked Gina to work with me on private lessons to improve my flexibility and my state of mind. After just the first lesson, I knew that I was a Fusion Wellness client for life!

 Fusion owner, Gina Goodrich, has worked with me twice weekly ever since that first session. I am always amazed at her knowledge of both the human body and the soul. I am not your usual Yogi. I have cognitive disorders and physical problems, each of which Gina has researched and given me insight into how I can improve myself both physically and emotionally. She is very aware of the challenge of teaching someone with these disabilities and just constantly telling me “the other Right“ instead of being offended, her fun way of pointing things out to me is both humorous and compassionate.

 One of my favorite practices is to meditate on positive mantras or repetitive affirmations to ignite the energetic fire for a healthy solar chakra. They all begin with "I am", connecting us to self identity and empowerment:

•  I am enough.

•  I am purposeful.

•  I am powerful.

•  I am loving/loved.

•  I am kind, compassionate.

•  I am confident and authentic.

•  I am capable.

•  I am worthy.

•  I am healthy

Over these years, I have learned how to do my yoga at home, online, and of course, in her studio. I have learned how to meditate and the value of this practice. I am amazed each time I walk out of Fusion with a big smile on my face and a lighter, more enlightened feeling in my mind. I can’t recommend Gina more and I hope that I can share that feeling with many more people.

Laurie Cohen, Yogi

Thanks so much Laurie for your personal 2 Cents. I am reminded to use those same mantrasI am so honored to be your guide on your journey.



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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