Demystify the Mystified 3rd Eye

Ever wonder why the 6th Chakra is called the Third Eye?  Me too. For years I wanted to better understand this ancient belief that spans many cultures including the Egyptians' Eye of Horus, the Mayans, Greeks, Asians and Hindus. 

I discovered some science behind the concept of an "eye" located at the center of the brain, the size of a pea, shaped like a small pinecone, our Pineal Gland pronounced pin-ee-uhl. It guides our circadian rhythms through its regulation of melatonin hormone production, triggered by light exposure. Darkness produces more to induce sleep, light decreases production for wakefulness. It is still being researched for other factors, including our perception. Animals also have a pineal gland. The image shows its location, left side of image is the front of the brain. 

Called Ajna in Sanskrit, the third eye is our Chakra energy center for higher perception, intuition, guidance, and ancient wisdom. It is considered most active at our forehead, referred to as "the space between the eyes" but also includes the back and sides of our upper head. Reminds me of when my mother would say she had eyes behind her head. Perhaps she connected with her 3rd eye and tapped into her intuition. She always just knew what I was up to or if I was in danger. She had a 6th sense, a strong link to this 6th chakra I believe.

Visualize the OM symbol shown here. Close your eyes, take a deep inhale on the a long exhale and Chant A-U-M sound vibrations to activate. Let the M linger a little longer with your eyes closed. No one is listening, just do it. Now you're ready to meditate like our sweet teacher, Sally Walker, shown above. 

When you come for class this week wear your deep purple or indigo blue to launch intentions for higher perception and intuition through the divine Light of the Third eye activation, for all to "see" more clearly.

 Eyes wide open,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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