Our Super Highway for our Brain & Body

Our 5th Chakra is the clear like the sky blue Throat,  or Visshuda in Sanskrit, and is our superhighway between the Heart Brain to next week's theme, the Third Eye. It is our chakra for communication. This space is small yet includes the neck and immediate spaces that lead to it, as well as our ears and mouth. So, what we eat, drink and speak affects it vibrationally. Think about how humming, singing, chanting and deeper breathing elevates us. When we feel clearer and less congested, we breathe, think and feel better. 

We have quite a bit in this space that is vulnerable and vital to sustain quality life. Vocal cords, wind pipe/bronchial tube, esophagus, vessels, muscles, glands, and our cervical spine all compacted to keep us alive. We communicate with sounds that vibrate when mixed with air and intention. Head to body connection, all those thoughts travel through here also allowing us to move our bodies and experience sensations.

Anyone who knows me knows that my voice carries, and is easily heard but I am not known for carrying a tune, ha. So be it. But I've recently enjoyed deeper pranayama/breathing practices and even chanting. Words that are like safe-singing to me. Three high vibrational pranayamas are Brahmari/Bumble Bee, Ujjayi/Victory or Ocean, and  Simha/Lion's Breath are fun and effective to enhance the throat chakra while clearing toxins and calmimg our mind. Ask a Fusion Teacher and we will show you these anytime.

Gentle neck stretches from side to side, forward, upward helps clear blockages, loosen tightness and strengthens this area. 

Think positive thoughts, speak kind, honest and purposeful words. Sing, hum, chant like no one's listening, because who cares if they are! They may join you or secretly wish they were while they roll their eyes, smile and chuckle. May your ears hear beautiful sounds as those found in nature like waves on the shore, birds chirping, raindrops falling, pleasant musical notes or voices. Perfect ingredients for positive communication and connection to and from our divine bodies.

I chose this Throat Chakra image because of its softer, yet vibrant colors and sensation it gave me of good vibes inward and outward. Visualize it when you connect with this space.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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