Your Summit at the Crown

My blog for this week's is a bit more lengthy as we bridge the past six weeks journey through our Chakra series and arrive at our seventh, the Crown Chakra. Glowing lustrous violet hues form into a pure white royal crown found at the top center of our head, and slightly above. It connects our physical and energy body towards Higher Consciousness, Enlightenment, a term we hear often when seeking ultimate and divine connection with a higher power. We all have a name for something bigger than us, this consciousness. What's yours? 

When our chain of seven major chakras are in sync, energy spheres spiral in harmony, linked at our central channels and glow to form a Rainbow of Light.  Each chakra radiates its unique color frequency. Light waves are electromagnetic radiation with colors our naked eyes can see based on the wave's speed, its frequency. Lower frequencies are more red, higher frequencies more violet. There are frequencies that are slower than red, infrared, and faster than violet, ultraviolet, pure light that we can’t see with the naked eye. So as we slow down the frequency with mindful and meditative practices, we generate hues of violet to ultraviolet, invisible to the human eye. This is the frequency of our Crown Chakra.

For our science curious, biophotons are light energy. The brain, without relaxing practices, generate approximately 14-20 biophotons per square centimeter/second, but during meditation, up to 100! Studies have proven that although the visible eye can't see it, our human body glimmers with light at a shorter wavelength and higher frequency. We are Luminescent BioElectroMagnetic Bodies, measurable with sophisticated equipment. Amazing!

Meditation is proven to alter the brain and the whole body's frequency and to have extreme mental, emotional and physical benefits. Those who practice may attest to the super-natural or transcendental power of meditation. When we intentionally release ourselves from distractions, tension and blockages in the body and mind through purposeful postures and movements (asanas), controlled breathwork (pranayama) to restore and rebalance vital energy (prana) we enhance our ability to nourish our Crown energy frequency. We feel and see more clearly. 

 What distracts you from the ability to meditate and find peace? Try these to attain connection to your whole energy body and beyond:

 Asanas to include any Inversions with your head below your heart and Yin poses that are held longer powerfully release tension. Then stillness in Savasana, Corpse Pose or if seated, it must be an Easy Pose, Sukasana to enhance your ability to clear and connect.

Pranayama with Alternate Nostril Breathing/Nadi Shodhana is my favorite. Then release and notice the shift.

Close your eyes softly with a Silent OM mantra. Visualize the violet to pure white light to illuminate your Crown Chakra, Sahasrara meaning Thousand petals and pronounced Suh-has-ra-ra.

 Release distractions, find stillness as you practice with us and we Breathe. Move. Connect. in every Fusion class.

Note: Traditionally in India, Chakra begins with a Ch sound, not Sh.

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 Staying in the light,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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