Find the Zen Zone

Distractions are inevitable. Whether good ones or not, there are times when we prefer to be focused. I admit, I am considered quite sensitive and can do better controlling my physical, mental, and emotional responses to all of these potential, unwelcome stimuli. If there's a "squirrel", I look. Honestly, some distractions agitate me and take away my attention when needed. I know better than to ever sit near a restaurant kitchen, register, loud music, or crowds.

Yoga philosophy and practices like breath work and physical movements guide us to influence the mind and body for peace, the Zen Zone. But sometimes minimizing the external goes a long way! 

Sensory Distractions:

  • Noise or unpleasant sounds; like too high or low volume and pitch, repetitiveness, static, clicking, even certain words. You know, the ones that make your ears cry.
  • Sights, the ones that hurt your eyes, may be bright, dark, sad, vulgar, dirty, and simply want you to look away.
  • Smell varieties whether strong or light trigger personal reactions. Fragrance or odors may be overpowering, perhaps too sweet, pungent, or too strong. Like perfumes, foods (think garlic and onions), waste, smoke, and natural body scents that make you wish you had a face mask.
  • Temperature sensitivities to excessive heat or cold. Recent years are experiencing higher than average environmental extremes for both. Fortunately, most of us have indoor climate control options and attire to counter both.

Fusion strives to maintain a more neutral state and minimize distractions so you may focus on the most important intention of your participation. YOU!

Tips to Manage Your Distractions:

  • Try a direct request to make a change; speak up kindly and the distraction creator or controller may abide.
  • Set yourself up in a space with less distraction from sound, sights, or whatever may distract you. 
  • Dress or bring additional attire as appropriate for an occasion. Hydrate for any climate, every day. Blankets available in our prop closet.
  • Ear plugs and eye pillows/masks are an option, found in cool styles with comfort in mind. We have silk eye props in our boutique.

Studio Etiquette to Minimize Distractions: (Please do your part to respect others' space)

  • Be mindful of your voice volume (think soft, "spa" voice).
  • Enter studio space quietly and gently place your belongings.
  • Limit conversation topics to not offend others in earshot.
  • Avoid odorous foods day of and just prior to class.
  • Refrain from body fragrances.
  • Silence your phones, leave them outside of class. We can hear when phones go off in the studio.
  • If you feel drowsy it helps to put a block under your head, or turn on your side to prevent snoring, or possible sit up comfortably. Yes, it happens when we get totally relaxed and feel safe, and we feel complemented you found bliss, but not the best time to catch up on your sleep.
  • At any time you require our attention to something, let us know instead of holding it in or sharing with someone who can't change it. Drop us an anonymous note in the lounge's suggestion basket by the shoe cubbies, call, email or talk to us in person. We will try to alleviate the issue if able. 
  • Studio temperature is generally upper 76-78 degrees, 80 degrees for Fusion Flow classes only. 
  • Curtains may be open or closed depending on time of day (position of sun) but closed is most neutral.  

Finding the Zen Zone in your sanctuary is our mission for ultimate mind, body wellness so you feel better during after your visit at Fusion.



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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