The Power of Eye Yoga

Practice Eye Yoga for eye wellness and protect your vision as you see the beauty of life! Eyes are known as Windows of Our Soul.

When we rate the value of our senses, vision often leads the way. Our eyes show us light or darkness, various colors, textures, dimensions, movement and more. When meeting others or even places, we often use our eyes to connect on various levels. Are they friendly, happy, concerned, peaceful, confident, are they approachable, welcoming?

Good eye health practices are essential, like proper hydration, cleanliness and eye exercises. Ayurvedic medicine recommends daily eye care to cleanse, protect and stimulate these special organs. The muscles of the eye help us span larger areas, improve circulation, enhance lubrication and focus. We tend to turn our head using our neck instead of simply moving our eyes. There are exceptions to exercising our eyes so check with your doctor if in doubt, or if any eye conditions before practicing.

Here are two Eye Yoga options:

*Hold your head still, sit comfortably. Try holding off blinks until you complete 1 round. Look center at anytime to regain focus… Pause and breathe each movement.

5 Directions:

Begin to focus on a single object in front of you as you connect with equal breaths

Inhale - look Up 

Exhale - look Down

Inhale -look Center

Exhale -look Right 

Inhale - look Center

Exhale - look Left

Inhale to Center

(Repeat as many times as comfortable) 

Eye Clock Yoga:

Start at Clock Center, initiate a breath each movement as you guide your eyes slowly around the clock starting at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, and so on, all the way back to 12:00, then reverse

Congratulations! You just stimulated your eyes, brain and improved eye circulation with focused movements. Some studies show this may even prevent eye drooping, plus there is a grounding, clarifying and calming benefit before you see and prepare for what's ahead for you!

You are seen with compassion,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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