Sweet Music to My Ears

What's your favorite musical instrument, your favorite musician or song? Think of those that bring you the happiest feeling inside, make you smile, sing along, maybe put a spring in your step. One of my favorite songs is Because I'm Happy by Pharrell Williams. I like the beat, the lyrics and it gets me moving. And most anything Beatles for sure. Favorite instruments are probably the piano and native flutes as I usually feel relaxed, content. And when Amey, our yoga teacher chants in Savasana! Ah, the sweet music to my ears.

Sound Bath, Sound Medicine, Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Music Medicine are all the buzz in wellness now. For millennia in many ancient practices, tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drums, flutes, bells, chimes and more are all sound tools for healing. They enhance our body and mind's ability to harmonize with higher frequencies. Some more appealing than others.

Music affects our vibrations. When we listen to various frequencies, vibrations and moods shift. Studies have proven that our physical and mental health often improves when the proper sounds are matched up for the listener. Sensory pathways and one of our five senses, hearing, tune up and in. Our brainwaves, heart beat, blood pressure, breath rate and depth, our moods shift.

You may have experienced the use of Tingshas and other chimes or sound bowls as a closing ritual in our studio. How did they make you feel? Alert but calm, grounded, centered, content, harmonized?

PLEASE note, our studio space is the time and place for releasing distractions, tuning inward, finding calm of body and mind. Although I encourage a friendly community, It is not the best time or place for catching up with another student, conversations that detract from another's experience, or yours. Seek peace in our sanctuary. Whisper, "spa" voice only for a brief hello if needed, gently and gracefully put down your mat as its appreciated by all. Listen to the music of your breath, the subtle vibrations of the space and even your own heartbeat.  

Tune in today as we offer a Sound Training Workshop (details below) or a future event on Sound Healing. Perhaps you'll have a new perspective and gained respect of these ancient tools that have been used in ceremonies and healing around the world, as they are still popular today and not simply a fad or trend.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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