Suzan’s 2 Cents & Fusion’s First Student

ABOVE is Suzan in her front row PINK shirt at Xayleen's Tuesday, every week! BELOW her happy Fusion smile and proudly displaying her Reiki Certificate on the back right!

Suzan was our very FIRST Fusion student 9 ½ years ago when my vision became clear on the energy and focus for our special place. I know Suzan was and is instrumental in seeing us still here after all these years. We have a special bond even though I often change her name to Susan when it’s really pronounced like Suzanne as we normally see it spelled. We chuckled when she joked about her mom making it unique. Suzan IS unique, and very special as she is our first champion for success!

My 2 Cents Yoga Journey: My yoga journey began in a small town in Vermont. I studied with a wonderful teacher, who became a great friend. I remember times when we had nowhere to practice, so we lined up our mats on my back deck, beneath the trees by a lovely brook, talk about nature!

Then I moved to Florida, so I was on a search for a new yoga home. One afternoon after visiting Lowes, the Universe stepped in, and I noticed a new sign “Fusion Yoga & Wellness”. I had to check it out, inside I met Gina who was in the process of opening her new yoga studio. As easily as that I became her first student!

Since that day, I have learned much more about myself and my practice by attending classes and seminars held at Fusion. I have become a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, I highly recommend attending this course, it is life changing. Knowing that energy is all around us, linking us all in one chain, gives me a new outlook in my daily interactions. I now know how easy it is to make someone smile and what a positive change you can make in their life. The next step on my journey will be to attend Teacher Training Classes.

As we age it becomes very important to continue to breathe, move and connect. I have had past injuries that could be impacting my life and lifestyle in very significant ways, thanks to yoga I am able to live an active life, playing golf and traveling. I have a fabulous Chiropractor who constantly tells me that yoga has saved me and given me the opportunity to continue to live my life to the fullest.

Thank you to Gina, all the teachers and students for making Fusion my new yoga home.

Suzan Claytor

We love you Suzan, and all your positivity, smiles and seeing you in your favorite color pink, which reflects your heart chakra, kindness, and compassion. 

 Much gratitude,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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