Not Just a Balancing Act

Gina's photo from Costa Rica of a balancing stone monument known as a Cairn. Use of these as markers dates back to pre-historic times!

We warmed up our body as we calmed and centered our thoughts and are ready to tackle Balance poses for mental focus and body awareness, our Balancing Act. 

There are many asanas, yoga postures that challenge us to balance on one knee, leg, arm, hand, and even our shoulders and head. Decide when it feels right to you to go to the next level and test your strength, stability and stamina to balance. Prepare your space for a safe landing. Have an assistant if needed.

Our Energy locks, our hands, feet, abdomen and chin/neck bandhas engaged. Our vision is lasered in to a focal point, a Drishti (drish-tee), our "eye sight"  in Sanskrit. We navigate the steps to prepare to launch, then we go for it! Do both sides also creating balance within the body.

Mission complete! Let go of the ego, the fear. You set yourself up for a mindful, safe and powerful act. Let us be your guides as you navigate through these asana options:


Bird Dog

Gate (lift opposing leg)



Falling Star (Star pose on one foot)

Warrior III, or Airplane



Bird of Paradise 

Arm Balances

Crow - also side Crow


Standing Split

Shoulder, Hand and Head Stand

Soaring with you in-flight!


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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