Warming Up to the Peak

Photos from Gina's recent hike.

Mammoth March plants a tree for each participant, 1200 for our hike!

My recent adventure in Tennessee relates to our need to warm up to best enjoy the journey. I completed my first professional hike with intent to do my best. I surrendered to the possibility I may not make the "Finish Line" at 20 miles in 8 hours. I have trained on flat lands of SW Florida up to 10 miles in 4 hours.

So on a cool morning I warmed up with stretches and deep breathing as I headed to the Starting Line. Rested, hydrated and eager, I took off. Each increment of 3-5 miles I paused to evaluate whether to go on or be content and stop. Like the moments in Child's Pose or Downward Facing Dog before a Vinyasa Flow. I pushed forward, agreeing to stop if I thought it would cause pain or injury if I continued.

I met interesting people, traversed wooded trails, balance-walked a suspended swing bridge high over a river and waterfall, and enjoyed lake and forest vistas. I am known for chasing waterfalls whenever I hike in the mountains so those were my favorites as I love the power, intensity, and rushing sounds. I made it! I crossed my first ever Finish Line and received a medal. I never thought it would be a big deal, but it was!

Ever feel extra good in a yoga practice as you build heat, feel challenged, tackle and conquer a Balance pose or a full Vinyasa Flow? We set intention to do our best, warm up, stay mindful, inspired and focused. We cherish whatever we accomplish without judgement, then enjoy a sweet closing Savasana. It's perfectly acceptable to stay at a gentler pace, but if craving more, we go for the challenge, focus and push forward! We link our breath as move to warm up to get to the Peak Pose as we call it, often a balance pose. 

For those of you celebrating or honoring Mother's Day, thank our Earth Mother too, as we wish for you to have an amazing day enjoying her splendor! Get grounded, walk in nature, breathe in fresh air, view the scenery, quiet your mind and listen to the beautiful sounds of her creations.


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