MOM for Mega Memory Methods

"Brain sensing, storing and storing information for short or long term memory retrieval through neurons and synapses."

Memory issues and methods to protect, preserve and enhance our ability to remember and retain information are hot topics, personal to many, including me. I navigate through many unfamiliar territories easily and try not to panic because I forget a name or walk in a room then ask myself, "why the heck did I come in here?". Sound familiar?

 My blogs often relate to what interests me, so I research, I share. Our brains have amazing memory drives using neurons and synapses when properly managed between work and rest, nourishing and purifying. An average human brain is estimated to have the capacity of 31,250 smart phones with 32GB of memory but is really unknown. Memory is categorized into Sensory, Short Term, Working or Long Term.

Great memory mentor, Jim Kwik uses a M.O.M method which I summarize my interpretations.

Motivation - If you were offered $1Million to remember a name, you would. Know why you wish to retain and recall information. The topic should be interesting. Have intention to teach information and you are more likely to learn and retain. Who will benefit and how? A private yoga student and I practice this one weekly as he learns Spanish, he does integrate Spanish to teach me. Like Mae maestra de yoga es bueno! Respirar! (My yoga teacher is good! Breathe!) I hope he travels soon to practice his newfound language.

Observation - Sensory Memory to Short and Long Term memory. Be free of distractions (my biggest memory detractor), pay attention! Tune out to tune in. Use all your senses. Look, listen, feel, smell as appropriate to experience and retain more through encoding, storing and retrieving. The world and our minds are busy, find the calm spaces to store valuable imprints.

Methods - Working Memory to Short and Long Term Memory. Show respect for information given with eye contact, write it down and practice restating. It's okay to say, "excuse me, can you repeat that please" and "I'm sorry as I wasn't giving you my fullest attention". Tell another the information soon after experiencing. Like me researching, recording and sharing this blog! Practice is powerful.

This week, try to minimize distractions, listen more and tell someone what you learned or observed and notice your recall. Like sharing a dream, soon as we open our eyes to distractions, we retain less. But when we write it down or tell someone quickly, we remember more. 

Motivated and moving to more memory,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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