Eclipse Energy Tool Kit

Reminds me of me, a Starseed galaxy gazer.

I was always fascinated by our galaxy and adventures beyond our planet earth. I loved the show, Lost in Space years ago. Maybe that's why I have been told I am a Starseed, a spiritual being from another planet wanting to explore the beyond but stay connected with my purpose here.

Tomorrow will be epic for many during a few moments with the total Solar EclipseThe moon aligns at the right distance between the earth and sun to cover our biggest star for those in its direct path. Although Florida is not in the direct path there are potential effects we may feel as our earth energy changes.


Surrender to darkness and changes of any kind knowing it's temporary as long as you are breathing.

Move to Stillness  

Feel the ground, stretch and lengthen your body, take a walk outdoors, maybe charge a crystal in your palms, then find stillness after you prepared physically and mentally.


Reflect before, during and after on the mental and physical sensations you may be having with brief mediation. Close your eyes and with a clear body and mind you may notice a deeper connection. 

Powerful energy impacts and relationship with our earth and sun.

Galaxy Gazer, 


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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