Fired Up Fingers for Brain Boosters

Memory and Brain Health are hot topics. Remember last week's lesson on learning and retaining tips with M.O.M. (ah, what did you retain?).

Supplement sales are big business and pop up first in any internet search. I will leave the recommendations to the nutrition and research experts. Instead, I offer my free Fire up Fingers for Brain Boosters! 

If you are more dominate in one hand, your opposite brain hemisphere is more developed. To develop and balance both sides and stimulate neurons and synapses, do Brain and Finger Push-ups! Try brushing your teeth, writing or any routine with your non-dominate hand for a at least a week, then alternate whenever you feel more comfort in the routine. Simply writing things down with either hand strengthens our brain and our ability to learn and retain information.

Researcher Yoshiro Tsutsumi recommends hand and finger workouts to strengthen our circuits in our right and left hemispheres and make our brain more efficient. He tells us there are 3000 mechano-receptors to fire up the brain and 9 exercises. Here's my favorite. 

Starting with your right hand, bring thumb and index finger together like saying "okay" with other 3 fingers long. Then thumb to middle finger, then thumb to "ring" finger, then thumb to little finger. Then repeat on left hand. Do 10 or more times. Now you are ready for Hand Mudras for Concentration.

Hand Mudras are gestures/seals and a standard in many yoga practices used with a specific intention to manifest a desired effect. In Ayurveda Medicine each finger relates to a different element and energy. In order from thumb to little, air, space/ether, earth, and water. For now, we will trust that we are enhancing the pathways and prana (life energy) to flow.

My favorite mudras for concentration are Hakini and Dhyana Mudras. 

Hakini - thumbs and fingertips to touch gently forming a starfish-like triangle, fingertips pointing upward, thumbs towards you. May be held at the Third Eye Chakra to connect with your intuition and wisdom. Many speakers use this to intensify awareness and concentration, a power symbol.

 Dhyana - right hand over left, palms up. Tips of thumbs touching. Fire element ignites, others connected and at rest for the Concentration seal.

Warm up your hands and wake up your brain power, then tune in with calm breaths as you close your eyes choosing your favorite mudra for concentration.



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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