Bill’s 2 Cents and his “Spot”

Many of you may know Bill. When he refers to "his spot" he says it in jest, but he is a creature of habit and my anchor when I teach class. I also enjoy knowing he's there every week. Here’s his 2 cents…

Bills photo shoots in nature, including his favorite Eagle, who watches over his “spot”.

One day after shopping at Lowes I decided to check out Fusion Yoga. I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt comfortable even though I have never before practiced yoga. The folks at Fusion Yoga were friendly, accepting and patient with a new student. 

I stopped by Fusion Yoga since I had two hip replacements done about 20 years ago, but never fully regained my complete balance and proper walking gait. Well that fortunate stop at Fusion Yoga was now 5 years ago and I have been attending class twice per week ever since then.

My balance has improved tremendously, and my gait is now proper along with much improved flexibility. The flexibility has even improved my golf swing as I now move my hips with my swing. Not bad for a 72-year-old guy who feels and looks much younger.

Beyond the physical improvements it has been wonderful to be part of the Fusion Community. I know most of the instructors and many of my classmates. I love attending class for both the physical aspects, but also for the sense of belonging to this wonderful yoga community, which is such a special place. 

hank you all for your friendship and support.

Bill Darkoch

PS: As many of you know, I have my spot in class and have never laid my mat anywhere else in the room, so do not take my spot!

Maybe you have a favorite spot to place your mat every week, and you can share why this is so for an upcoming 2 Cents story!



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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