You are Luminescent!

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Alex Grey's "Sacred Mirrors"  

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I have recently been exploring deeper levels of understanding the human body and mind and how it relates to Energy Work, like Reiki and also yoga practices for holistic wellness. I find it fascinating and reassuring to know that we can build a new healthier body and mind by shifting what we do and how we think. We have more control of our human experience than we have believed. I wish to share and simplify whatever concepts and philosophy of many studies I've completed and enjoyed that complement what we do at Fusion Yoga & Wellness. 

You may have heard of humans having a Luminescent Body. This science based concept is also known as the Luminous Energy Field or LEF. Luminescence is defined as "emitting light not caused by heat". Some refer to this as a Subtle Energy Body. Let's explore...

Our body is Bioelectric with fields of energy, generating a Biomagnetic body with a force field to follow. This becomes our Bioelectromagnetic Field (BEF) These are invisible to the human eye but measurable through their effects. For instance, an Electrocardiogram/ECG measures heart rhythms and electrically stimulated pulses, Electroencephalogram/EEG for brain activity creating waves, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging/ MRI to evaluate organs and tissues by temporarily shifting our atoms and water molecules through magnetic waves interacting with our body. We are all made up of atoms, becoming molecules, creating matter in motion, unique and active formations for each of us. These are influenced by our external and internal environment, including the frequency and energy of people, animals, objects, nature, places, etc., even our thoughts and memories.

Basic science confirms how powerful our brain and body is to remember things that help us recognize impending danger for protection, creating fear at times. In addition, our DNA is directly linked to our parents, their parents, and so on since the beginning of time. We are ancestrally linked beings that store imprints from many generations! They influence our attitudes, behaviors, relationships, and illnesses. Some are positive imprints, others may be detrimental. There are scientific studies that prove thought creates frequency shifts and can change geometric patterns in water, objects and other people. Everything has a geometric pattern. We even create a rainbow of colors as energy interacts with water and light in our chakras and auric field.

Imprints of physical, mental or emotional trauma are stored in various layers of the LEF. An Energy Worker, like a Reiki Practitioner, senses these energetic fields and may detect imbalances, depletion or blockages. We tap into these opportunities and connect you to a higher divine but yet accessible power of energy. Through years of personal and professional studies and experiences, we offer this higher knowledge to you at Fusion with yoga, educational and experiential events, body treatments and Reiki. Please reach out to us to assist you to clear any obstacles, open up energy pathways, renew your energy, find balance and peace with mind-body-spirit wellness. Our mission.

Much Love,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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