When It’s Good to Warm Up!

Flowers from Gina's garden, including the Night Blooming Cactus, 

so special as we only get to see the blooms once.


April Showers Brought May Flowers, new life, new growth. Every morning, it’s the same with our bodies, a fresh new day ahead begins as we begin to warm up, to grow. 

When we rise, we usually rinse like April showers. Maybe a cool water face splash, a shower, a glass of water help freshen us up. The routine prepares us for the day. Time to get moving!

Maybe you took some body stretches in bed or when you stood up. You signaled it’s time to warm up

Same with a yoga practice, called the Gentle Warm Up. Starting with an opening sequence filled with juicy, yet gentle movements. Our joints, sockets, limbs, and so on get stretched and rolled out. Special attention is given to cover the 6 Spinal Movements we covered the past six weeks, and linked with warming breaths to keep things flowing. 

Gentle yet powerful openings for your new day, your class allows your body to do amazing things you desire. Take your time, infuse movement with breath, listen to your body calling for more. Most importantly enjoy as you Breathe, Move, Connect, our Fusion mantra. 

Let’s grow together, 


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

Breathe. Move. Connect.

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