Round and Round We Go!

Turns out you can Hoola without the Hoop!  Fusion Yoga Teacher Natalie demonstrates circumduction.

Our final of the Super Six Spinal Movements, Circumduction! I recently learned that this is actually a 6th one last year during my Costa Rica Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Most yoga schools teach only 5 spinal movements which we have covered: Axial Extension/Lengthening, Lateral/Side Bends, Axial Rotation/Twists, Flexion/Folds and Backbends.

 Circumductions, Bharmanasana in Sanskrit, creates rotation of our entire spine in one direction, then the other direction forming a circling action to warm up not only the spine, but also our hips, shoulders and neck while stimulating and circulating good energy/prana. May include a gentle backbend and flexion. For instance, seated with crossed legs, bring our chest forward on the inhale lifting our tailbone behind us, then exhale moving to one side, then rounding the back with a fold of the chest downward and tuck our tailbone under. Then inhale up on the other side. Reversing after one or more rotations with the same breath sequence and movements. The head and neck follow the rotation as well, therefore the cervical spine is included. They can be done standing with legs wider than hips, like playing with a Hula Hoop, or with knees bent, hands on thighs. We often do them while lying down with knees drawn into our chest. Many don't realize this is a specific and really beneficial spinal movement beyond massaging our backs and loosening our hips.

 It's helpful to engage the abdomen and the Bandhas/energy locks while making the movements and notice how side stretches are also likely increase opening of the rib cage. Feel free to close your eyes and move organically with ease and enjoy the formations and connect with how good your body feels in multiple areas as you loosen up your muscles, joint sockets, and massage the internal organs, too. Have fun and see how slow you can go while you take equally long breaths and free flow in your mind-body connection.

 It's Playful Circling Yoga Time!


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.



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