Home is Where My Heart Is

I recently traveled to 4 European countries with 15 cities in just 2 weeks, and the additional drive to and from Miami. Separated from my comfortable places, yet enjoying the sites, adventures and time with my son. Grateful and eventually longing for some peace, and my own bed. I found a void from our Fusion sanctuary and community. Chaos to calm.

I missed Fusion this summer, the space, the people, the services, the smiles. My conclusion that Fusion is my "home", a place where my heart is happy and calm. Thanks for welcoming me back as I was also transitioning to another home with a quite challenging move.

Many of you show the same reaction coming to Fusion. Some express a sigh of relief, share a big smile, a story, or simply dash for the studio to get on their mat for some quiet time, the Shhh zone sanctuary.

Leading me to the main purpose of yoga practice written long ago by an ancient seer, Patanjali who explained in Yoga Sutra, 1.2 Yoga Citta Vitras Nirodha. Yoga is to calm the fluctuations of the mind by releasing distractions, for harmony. It has always been my vision for Fusion to offer a place that feels like home, like the show Cheers, where everyone knows your name, and you feel that sensation like a warm, loving hug. 

The practice of Yoga Citta Vitras Nirodha at Fusion again is like switching stations from a blaring radio to a soft lullaby. Bliss. Keep that in mind when you enter the studio.

How has Fusion become like home to you? How can we better achieve that feeling for you? Email your suggestions or share your impressions. I am listening. Remember, like my parents said, you are always welcome back home, sweet home.



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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