Hand In Hand, Sankalpa & Tapas

Katie Wolfe and I hiked Grand Canyon ridge in record heat safely and enjoyed the incredible vistas. A goal for over 25 years.

As we enter final week of National Yoga Awareness Month and the Fall Equinox yesterday, it’s a perfect time to reflect on any changes, new habits or at least one positive behavior you have made. Perhaps one more yoga practice, increased meditation time, breath work, or intention setting to do just a little better and be more disciplined for improved wellness.

My momentum must be ignited by intention known as Sankalpa in sanskrit. Followed by discipline or austerity known as Tapas (not Spanish cuisine, haha). You must have both. When I know what drives me, for my better good, and for those around me, I get motivated!

So, what's your Sankalpa, your Tapas? What's the journey and the actions you must take now to improve your life? Map it out on a calendar, tell a friend, seek support, tell us, reward yourself in healthy ways. Adjust your routes and sails as needed, have fun! Amazing transformations guaranteed.

Wrap up National Yoga Month with honor and pride. Let's do this yogis!


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N


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