Healing the Heart Chakra

Together we put the pieces back together to restore our heart center. The Heart Chakra, our central chakra of the 7 major chakras is calling for our attention. It intersects and connects with our more physically related and anatomically lower chakras for survival, and our more mindful and spiritually related higher chakras.

When our heart isn't in alignment or operating at optimal efficiency, we feel things more deeply, and lack good health. The past two weeks' themes have been related to Healing and Feeling to Healing and Feeling  and that these are Real experiences available to all of us. When we don't deny but instead accept that it's ok to feel affected, activate ways to heal, then the path to recovery becomes real. Your Heart Chakra is an energy center located in the center of your chest and carries the mindful, soulful and physical abilities and responsibilities for joy and good health. A holding space for compassion, thoughtfulness and love of self and others. It's home for your heart, your body's vital pump to transport physical energies for survival. We need to preserve and restore the emotional and physical needs of our human heart and our subtle energy heart center. The color green is traditionally associated with healing properties, and pink for love. Merge the two together and we have our heart chakra. This week we will continue to clear, open up ,and heal this powerful yet vulnerable space.

My focus for Fusion is to continually offer our beautiful sanctuary with our amazing and compassionate Fusion Family to guide you on the path to recovery. We individually have special tools and intentions for you, including healing our collective hearts. That's the Fusion way. We offer tailored yoga classes, private yoga, massage and facial services, Reiki Energy Healing sessions, and special donation-based events for those that reach out. We even have a wonderful autumn touch coming to our facials and more special events.  I look forward to hearing, if not seeing your journey to Mind, Body, and Light Wellness.

Breathe. Move. Connect...together


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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