To Heal is Real

It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks since the first warnings of potential chaos to our community were announced. Then the reality set in.  Now we are on a journey to reassess and pull ourselves together for survival, and then healing.For as many tears and reports I hear of extreme sadness and devastation, there are just as many if not more of hope, support, loyalty and service for others. That has been the fuel for my soul’s Light.

We slowly but surely opened Fusion this past week with safety first in mind. As roads became less dangerous and gas became less scarce, our Fusion Family of teachers and practitioners offered their services to help our Fusion community and beyond, begin to heal.

Your words of gratitude have inspired me and all of us immensely. Thank you. I love this little but mighty Fusion Family of ours. My heart is full. Without a doubt, our yoga classes and other healing services are second to none. Authentic, loving, kind, respectful, professional, interesting, peaceful and divine. Yes, I may be partial because I see all the sincere dedication and efforts firsthand. But I’m also a student and client often, and without them I could not have begun the “Lotus coming out of the Mud” journey. You, and 

they have been my sunlight.

Please let us know how you are by replying to this email if you’re able. We are going forward with a benefit event, as well as increasing classes, workshops, events, trainings and healing services like massage, skin care and energy work. Participate and enjoy. They really make a difference and we want to continue doing what we do best…

Much love, 


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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