Get Earthy!

The past few weeks we explored the Energy Body, our emotions, the need to feel & heal, and some tools like Mindfulness and Meditation for our wellness goals. This week we will focus on grounding the physical body with techniques including yoga's postures, the asanas.


The word move, at the center of our Fusion mantra, Breathe. Move. Connect. brings us to the importance of not only breathing mindfully, but ensuring safe and effective movement in our bodies for connection. 

All physical practices begin with the earth contact, whether our feet, back or front body, sitting bones or hips. Our Hasta (hand) and Pada (feet) Bandhas offer energy locks to ground us. We need our earth connection just like a grounding wire in a three prong plug as a stabilizing source of energy.

When you practice yoga postures, walk, stand or sit this week, do it more consciously. Feel the earth beneath you, draw in the powerful elements, send some gratitude to our amazing planet, Mother Earth, known as Gaia in yoga, and to your body. Recognize our connection to all who share in her gift of life. Notice the intention in Breathe. Move. Connect. 



Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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