Equilibrium Empowered!

Equilibrium is crucial for us to feel stable, balanced and healthy in our mind and body. Last week we focused on the Physical Body in addition to our previous themes of Luminescent Body and Mindfulness.

A complete physical yoga practice includes opportunities to explore balance poses, asanas. We do a sequence that most always includes both sides for symmetry. The concept of Yin relates to our feminine, more lunar left side and Yang is the right and considered more solar and masculine in nature. We find peace in the clearing, restoring, eventually equalizing both.

Although some balance poses may be challenging, and sometimes more so on one side than the other, when we notice any improvement and perhaps accomplish the full expression, we find joy. As an experienced yoga teacher, there have been countless times I see student's progression and big smiles when they do so. I also witness in others and myself a side or a pose that was once easy become difficult again. When I get out of my head, accept it, surrender and then address it with another practice from the ground up to my head and finger tips, I become empowered again. The only thing standing in the way is my attitude. Clear the ego, focus on the opportunity and soar! 

This week's photo is me practicing Dancer Pose, Natarajasana. Balance is enhanced when we focus our vision on a specific object or point, known as a Drishti, meaning focused gaze. 

Release the ego, get playful and take flight in our balance poses this week!

Flying high-vibes,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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