Chocolate, Cocoa or Cacao?

LEFT Cacao Tree 

RIGHT Gina enjoyed this dark chocolate delicacy from its purest form of cacao in the jungle of Costa Rica

I wondered about the difference between much loved chocolate indulgences, cocoa, and cacao. I someday hope to explore Machu Picchu and have been told that at high elevations they give you cacao leaves to help counter the effects. I did a lot of research. Basically, they are sourced from the cocoa bean or seed, but cacao is considered its most raw and pure form. Once harvested and fermented you may find it in powders, various forms like cocoa nibs, and even butter.

Cacao is chocolate’s main source, the bean of the Cocoa evergreen tree, native to the Amazon rainforest. It improves cognitive brain function, helps us focus, increases energy, yet can be calming in small doses. It improves our digestion and blood flow.

Chocolate is often enjoyed as a delicacy. If dark chocolate with 70% cacao or above, there are many health benefits due to its high composition of minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc. Its antioxidants counteract the damaging effect from free radicals. It does have caffeine and calories so consume mindfully.

Cacao Ceremonies have become quite popular in modern societies. They are gatherings to celebrate and honor this amazing plant that so many ancients and native tribes enjoyed and continue to partake. The practice enhances our ability to achieve a higher state of meditation.

So let go of the chocolate guilt as you discover the benefits when enjoyed in moderation. Reward yourself with only high quality, dark chocolate treats. Consider this beautiful ceremonial event this evening with our lovely Xayleen as she shares her cacao and plant-based passion with you and find a deeper meditation experience.

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