Our Heart Brain

Our Heart Brain when connected to the beautiful energy of our Heart Chakra can bring us better health, great joy and divine love.  

The single Torus Field image illustrates our body's bioelectrical magnetic energy field generating to and from our heart. As energy spirals out, up and around the human body, down to and below our feet, then back up to our heart we experience a continual circuit of energy known as our energy field. But, energy also spirals from our heart down to our feet, up and around our body, to above our crown, then back to the heart. The second illustration with yellow lines represents this downward then up and back to the heart circuits. 

The heart is our nucleus, our center, our heart brain for consciousness and life. Science has proven our Heart Energy Field is approximately 5000 times more magnetic than the brain, and about 60 times greater in amplitude or vibrations than the brain! It feels, senses, communicates and vibrates. We can help keep it healthy and balanced through physical movements like yoga asanas, positive emotions, thoughts and external factors like pure air, nutrition and hydration. 

Yoga postures with heart openers through the chest and upper back, cardio-strengtheners and inversions with purpose help energize our heart. Breath work undoubtedly feeds the heart and blood with oxygen, and helps cleanse toxins with exhales. Meditation calms the heart as well as the brain and our mind as they communicate and are always connected as our partners.

Reiki Practitioners like myself work within all the energy fields when we perform healing sessions. We sense, feel and sometimes see the flow, including any blockages, depletions and imbalances. During Reiki we connect with higher vibrations that guide us to clear, replenish and rebalance for harmony in the energy and physical body.

The Heart Chakra is the same as the Heart Energy Center, Sphere, or Field. Anahata in Sanskrit means "unhurt", assuming it is supplied, balanced and circulating properly with energy, resulting in sensations of compassion, love and kindness. Associated with the energy color of springtime green with hues of pink as it links the major 3 lower chakras with 3 higher chakras. Our heart therefore is our center for all good things to be generated within and around us through prana, vital life force energy.


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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