Jan’s Yoga Journey in a Foreign Land

Jan was one of my very first students at another local studio over 11 years ago. Luckily we found each other again at Fusion as she joined our amazing community. Interesting how yoga found Jan, and she found yoga in Germany. Please enjoy her 2 Cents...

 How I found yoga.

 In 2000, we lived in Germany. A friend told me a woman was teaching yoga in her home and that it relieved her back pain and was very calming. So I went and tried it out. The first day, Frau Weigman was breathing SO deeply, I opened my eyes to see if it was the radiator noise from the heat going on! I could not believe anyone could breathe that deep! After the class, I was the most calm I had been in weeks after arriving in a foreign country. The best part was during savasana, she would cover each of us in a warm blanket for over 10 minutes, just like your mother did when you were a child. I noticed driving away, I felt an inch taller, and had to adjust my seat in the car. She taught one class in English and I wanted to practice more, so I would go to the German taught classes too. This helped my language skills but sometimes, I had to peek to check that I was doing the correct pose. The instructor had been a ballerina and was taught by her aunt that led to yoga. She was in her 70's when I started, and she could still do headstands. We are going to Europe this summer and I will see if she is still there, but it has been over 25 years ago. My experience there gives me warm, fond memories of my start to practicing yoga! 

-Jan Mahal

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