Bring in the Lunar Power!

Bring in the Lunar Power! Solar & Lunar Powers, the best of both universal energies for our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Last week we recognized Solar Power and the Pitta Dosha elements of fire and water that generate heat and strength. I recommended we Reset, Renew & Rebalance with several options at Fusion. This week, let's get into our Lunar Power to complement last week's mission to balance out the heat of summer. We just experienced the Full Sturgeon Moon and are still at peak for the Perseid meteor showers.

Lunar energy of the moon is the yin to the sun's yang energies. Our left side is more lunar and soothing, our right is more solar and stimulating. We need both energies as earth dwellers. The intent is to balance so one is not dominant. The sun and the moon, dependent on their positions at various times, each affect us differently.

We have three major energy channels known as Nadis in Sanskrit. The Sushumna Nadi is the main channel from the base of spine to crown. The feminine, Ida Nadi, from the base of our spine crosses back and forth through the Sushumna, ending in the left nostril. The masculine, Pingala Nadi crisscrosses as well, and ends in the right nostril.

We have several practices in our energy toolkit to invite more calm and peacefulness to bring in Lunar energy when needed. Try these!

Hand Mudra - Ida Mudra with your Left hand, palm up resting on your left thigh with ring finger and thumb connected, others extended.

Pranayama/Breath Control for Vital Energy - Chandra Bhedana/Lunar Breath, or Moon-Piercing Breath Similar to Alternate Nostril Breathing with one nostril sealed at a time as you alternate cycles, but Lunar Breath only inhales through the left and out through the right, repeating several times without alternating.

•Place your right hand's index and middle finger at your 3rd eye, sealing the right nostril with your thumb, pinky finger extended for your left nostril. 

•Your left hand may rest on your left thigh in Ida Mudra (see above_

•Inhale through your left nostril, seal it with your thumb, exhale through your right. 

•Seal right nostril with pinky thumb, inhale left nostril

•Repeat several times with eyes closed once you get the rhythm going

•When you feel inclined and calmer, keep your eyes closed, release your right hand to your right thigh with Ida Mudra and simply notice as your breathe through both nostrils naturally

Congrats! You just reset, renewed and rebalanced your Lunar Power for inner peace. 

More pranayama...

Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing  

Begin and end with the left nostril for calming as you complete breath cycles and seal each side alternatively for an inhale and exhale. 

•Inhale left while right is sealed

•Seal left, exhale right

•Seal left, Inhale right

•Seal right, exhale left

•Continue several rounds and end exhale left when you feel guided to do so. Then notice with eyes closed as you breath through both. 

And for movement...

Chandra Namaskar/Moon Salutations - Instead of warming Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation, the sequence of poses would be more grounding and preparing the body for relaxation. Fusion's Amey Williams led us two weeks ago through an amazing experience with a Moon Salutations & Meditation event I attended! Stay tuned for future dates.

You have many tools and practice options to enhance your mind-body wellness, to experience the best version of you! Rituals are wonderful ways to enjoy this journey we call life.

Staying in the Sunlight and Moonlight to BE the Light,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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