💓 URGENT…Renee’s Crucial and Powerful 2 Cents Recovery 💓

Time Sensitive ❣️ This powerful and important 2 Cents Share is sent earlier than the usual Sunday email as you will understand as you read to the end. I am especially honored and moved to share this heart tugging story from our Warrior of Life, Renee. She's the cool yogi hugging her beloved back corner nook by the mirror. You may feel a little more emotional but certainly uplifted and inspired. Please take the time to read without distraction but with intention to honor her as well. She is the amazing post-Ian supporter, volunteering herself, her husband Todd, Coco (our yogi) and her dad to get our hurricane panels down and stored then to my house to remove the window boards so I could get back to Fusion work for all of you. And this cause is imperative.

My 2 Cents, or for what it is worth department.

I was attracted to the thought of sharing my yoga journey, but it was not until I received a love nudge that gave me the courage to share. Over 20 years ago I started taking yoga classes at various gyms, studios and online to help with stretching while in training for running events. It was more of a break on my days off from pounding the pavement as I prepared for half and full marathons. I was actively on Mom mode as the last 3 of my 5 children were all in high school at the same time, plus a full time job, and in love married to my sweetheart Todd. He traveled often, so I needed an outlet for some quiet. I liked the physical aspect of yoga in the early days but could never ever understand the whole savasana thing, in fact I was that student who would roll up my mat, leave class early as I was too busy to lay on the mat to rest, or whatever I was supposed to be doing. I was out the door, feeling good after a stretching session.

In 2020 my beloved Mama was sick, I was by her side up until the moment she completed her mission on earth. Three weeks later, our 12 year old baby dachshund took his last breath. I felt broken, my heart and my body hurt from all the emotional sadness. In deep mourning so we sold our Tennessee mini farm and all of our worldly possessions and moved to SW Florida without a plan or knowing anyone. Classic example of fight or flight, I was doing both.

While riding my bike around Lovers Key Park one day I saw a sign for beach yoga so I showed up with reservations to protect myself with no intention of wanting to talk to anyone. I’d show up and leave right after since I was in no mood to chit chat. This itty bitty lady, dear Colleen is sitting in front of class waiting to lead a yoga class with 2 other ladies besides me. Then this redheaded world wind of a human arrived late as she jogged with her yoga mat strapped to her back. Class began, and this person does head stands. I was baffled. Little did I know this woman, Coco would become such an important part of me and my family's life. My grandson actually asked if we were going to adopt her. There was no leaving early, there was no island unto myself. I was engulfed with so much love by these ladies. We had the season of yoga love practicing on Lovers Key cueing dolphins while in Warrior 2, experiencing double rainbows during a sunset yoga practice, while forming new bonds. I was starting to find my grin again, and learning to let things go that no longer serve me, a novel idea. I also overcame many obstacles and learning about myself meeting weekly with my mental health therapist, so good things were happening.

Season ends, beach yoga on hold so my new friend Coco and I decide to check out this yoga studio called Fusion. Reverting to my old ways, I figure I am going into this class permanently placing myself in the back corner of the room, doing my business, then leaving. Well that is what I thought until class led by Amey Jo. Why were there tears streaming from my eyes during class? What are these feelings? I couldn't get enough time on the mat. 

Coco asked me to attend an informational meeting with her about an upcoming Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), so I went with absolutely no desire, intention or want to ever take this course. I had so many preconceived thoughts in my head...I am too old, I can't retain information, I would never be comfortable in front of people, no way, no way. After listening to Gina’s intro I signed up and paid in full that very night, I knew if I had time to think about it I would talk myself down. YTT training with Gina, Natalie and Jen was one of the best things I have done for me. I found strength in myself that I didn't even know I had, and I am a marathon running US Army veteran and raised 5 wicked awesome humans, but YTT is something I did for me. I now have a permanent Kula (tribe) of my fellow YTT classmates. The love, encouragement and comradery we share is priceless.

Here is where my extra 2 cents begins, almost a nickel of advice, with a penny to spare.

Graduation in December 2022 was amazing although I was exhausted physically, during all the yoga I discovered changes in my body. I am a breast cancer survivor from 2018, receiving regular check ups with the next due February 2023 so I dismissed any thoughts that something was not right. My thoughts were correct. I had breast radiation treatment in 2019 and from that treatment it was discovered that I had developed a rare and fast growing cancer. I didn't have to say the words to my Kula, they knew something was not right. Immediately they rallied around me, loved me and even held a special private Reiki Healing Circle for me. I attended Reiki I and II training with Gina, sound healing training with Natalie, and every Movement & Meditation and Yin Yama class I could with Jen. I was filling my (as Gina explains) tool box with all the healing tools to help me on my upcoming journey. This is why I attended YTT. I was able to tap into my newly learned pranayama practices that came into play when I had my countless needle guided breast and adrenal gland biopsies, CT and PET scans, IV needle blood draws, and a Mediport insertion. I was able to calm the fluctuations of my mind and calm my body, before and after my eventual mastectomy. Medical staff were amazed I was able to hop from bed to surgical tables without assistance. I was bragging during one treatment and showed off my yogi moves. They were impressed and of course I told everyone about Fusion and the benefits of yoga life. I was at peace during the surgical stage and had my Kula support the day of surgery, and every day since from providing meals, to assisting me as I took my baby step walks. I was back at Fusion and on the mat 3 weeks post mastectomy. I know that yoga has helped me in my healing and progression.

I now receive weekly chemotherapy treatments, this week round #10. When my hair started falling out, Michelle, Milena (my Fusion Kula) and Coco took me to breakfast, then to the beauty shop to have my hair cut. I knew I was going to lose it, but support from my friends made me cry with the ultimate expression of love. I am now bald but hey, with this extensive SW Florida heat I am ok with that. I am sharing the talent and love of Jen’s Contemplation Cards with the nurses and fellow patients in the infusion clinic. 

My beloved Kula sister Coco, formed and is Team Captain of our upcoming Susan G Komen 3-day 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk to be held in Boston Aug 18-20, 2023. Coco and “ the other Renee”, Coco’s friend from college is also a breast cancer survivor. I am so COOCOO for my Coco!

I had all intention to participate in at least one day, 20 mile walk, then used my logical brain (and loving advice from Todd) that I am not physically able at this time. But I raised all my monies for breast cancer treatments and research, and there is always next year.

 So that is my story of my yoga journey and it continues every day of my life. I am richer in calmness and peace and have found my Smile. I am always learning and growing. I just have to breathe and calm the fluctuations of my mind and listen, the top yoga purpose.

Thank you for reading this extended version. Gina, I trust you and am so thankful you had this Fusion vision and acted upon it. 

Sending so much light and love that is in me to each who read this.


Renee Galito-Reimer

Renee, our Fusion sanctuary has levitated since you merged with us bringing us the epitome of positive vibes no matter what is going on, be it a hurricane, or more personal, your recent recovery most only can imagine. Your beloved back corner by the mirror for yoga practice reserved for you and beautiful loving energy. Love heals and your Kula send you lots of it, today and always. I will join you as we walk next year for sure!

Gina ❣️

Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N

P.S. PLEASE, strongly consider a donation to Coco's Susan G Komen 3 Day Breast Cancer 60 Mile Walk in Boston August 18-20, 2023. I have prior unchangeable commitments or would be right beside cheering them and others on! Linked directly HERE or leave a CASH donation at the Fusion front desk - both Tax Deductible for a very important cause. ❣️


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