Super 6 Spinal Movements!

Flow in the yoga world is often referenced for a specific style of movement. In traditional yoga, we call it vinyasa. To simplify, linking breath with a movement, breath first to initiate the intention of the movement as you bring in fresh oxygen and open up, or release toxins and make space to move deeper.

It is based on hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga vinyasa principle yoga styles with benefits of enhancing circulation, warming the body while calming the mind with one movement per breath. This focused pranayama with breath cues and poses in a sequence becomes a moving, yet mindful meditative practice. 

Vinyasa may be gentle, moderate or more fast paced with potential for advanced poses. They may be performed lying down, seated or standing. The asanas, postures, may include any or all of the 6 spinal movements we reviewed last week. Sometimes a teacher or student references a plank to a chaturanga/low plank to a backbend, like cobra or upward facing dog as "take a vinyasa" . But there are many more options for vinyasa. The vinyasa is most beneficial when you intentionally take a breath, flow into a posture, another breath, flow out to the next, pause for a breathe, then repeat or transition to another posture.

Next time you practice, notice the space between full breath and movement to pace yourself and enjoy. Are you rushing through it and missing the journey or savoring the discovery of the practice within your body and connecting? It's a practice, learn to explore more with vinyasa as a new yoga adventure!

Enjoying one breath at a time,


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.


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