Energy Forces of Yoga

Reverse Triangle Pose focuses on opposing forces of engagement and energy from a grounded front foot, through the side body, traveling to extended arm and fingertips. 

Last week we reviewed the true meaning of the yoga style, vinyasa when we link breath and movement intentionally through transitioning one poses to the next. This week we rediscover Hatha Yoga, often referred to as the action of opposing forces, like the sun and the moon, during a mindful practice. Hatha in Sanskrit means force. The pronunciation sounds like "hah-tuh".

When we purposely engage extremities or parts of our body with more force into opposite directions from one another, yet breathe as we transition or hold a posture, we practice Hatha. Heat builds while prana, vital energy is amplified, and our internal pathways become more open for it to travel to needed spaces in our body. Our power is restored and moments of holding we are able to recognize the internal shifts. As we focus, we find opportunity to release external distractions and calm our minds.

Even our pranayama practices with accentuated inhales and exhales are a form of Hatha yoga. When we hold a pose but never our breath, we are creating great opportunities for us to evaluate, adjust and acknowledge our body's current state. Find the power and the peace fuse together as breath, movement and purpose lead us to our meditation. The combination of these practices is Hatha yoga's primary goal.

Holiday Season wishes to all! 


Fusion Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, R.N.

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