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Enjoy the Fusion Experience....Simply step into one of our beautiful healing rooms and you will feel the calm, relaxing energy of the space...Our practitioners are committed to providing a personal, healing experience. No matter what type of service you choose, we promise you will leave our space feeling so much better!


with a Fusion Reiki Master Practitioner

Join one of our amazing Reiki practitioners to experience the gentle, Japanese healing art for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting deep physical, mental and emotional healing.  The practitioner acts as a conduit for the transfer of Reiki or “universal” energy to the receiver’s energy pathways, meridians and chakras, releasing emotional blockages and raising vibrational energy to promote healing at all levels. 

60 Minutes - $75

30 Minute Follow Up - $45


with Lizz Cohoon

30 minute Reiki session to restore balance and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, combined with an intuitive Chakra scan and bracelet creation session. A beautiful, unique gemstone bracelet, infused with Reiki Energy is created with chakra-balancing stones just or your specific needs and acts as a powerful energetic reminder for you to take home with you.

60 Minutes with Bracelet - $89


with Lizz Cohoon

A custom energy healing session with Lizz to help you relax, experience clarity, release resistance, and discover the messages of any energetic imbalances. Choose from Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Somatic Energy Insight or an intuitive combination.  Receive Lizz's intuitive guidance for integrating healing practices into your daily life. Chakra & Aura Healings receive a take-home assessment for self-discovery.

60 Minutes - $75