SELF-CARE SUNDAY: The Practice of Smudging

SELF-CARE SUNDAY: This week, we introduce the ancient and sacred practice of smudging! If you ever notice a woody or distinctive scent when entering a yoga studio, it is because your instructor cleared the room beforehand by burning sage or palo santo. This ritual infuses the space you will be practicing in with positive energy, conducive for setting fresh intentions. Smudging involves burning specific healing materials such as palo santo and sage (what we use at Fusion!) or cedar, sweetgrass and frankincense. Stagnant energy is cleared while infusing the space with “energetic smoke”.

To incorporate smudging into your self-care routine:
1. Pick a material with a scent and qualities that you appeal to you.
2. Before a yoga or meditation practice (or even a peaceful bath) invite in positive energy and fresh life force through utilization of ritual, intention setting, and visualization of whatever it is you are looking to manifest into your life.
3. Light your item on fire, blowing it out, allowing the end to smoke. There are different schools of thought on which direction you should move in while smudging (The Chopra Center says you should head N>S>E>W) while others stay counter clockwise to clear and clockwise to invite, but intention is the essential element.
4. After smudging your physical space, outline your body with smoke to cleanse yourself of stale energy in order to be as fresh as your space.

Especially since we may be out of our normal routines with company visiting, holiday mayhem and travel, use smudging as an opportunity to “reset” and neutralize your surroundings, keeping you grounded and focused. Grab a few sticks next time you’re at Fusion for your own self-care practice, or use them as a nice stocking stuffer!

Check out this article from the Chopra Center with more information on the “How-To’s” of smudging!

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